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Chiropractic Internships

One of the most important components of our internship program is great people.  We are dedicated to attracting and training extraordinary students and chiropractors.  A variety of experience, didactics,  and programs offer our interns the opportunity to grow and develop their careers.


There are limited opportunities to rotate with me and the selection process is very competitive, up to 40 applicants per opening.  Along with being competitive, selection may be affected by timing.  The availability of the student and the timing for the internship are just as much of the deciding factors as academics and clinical skills.

Chiropractic Internship Walter ReedChiropractic Internship Walter Reed

Internship Projects

While the pace and rigor of an internship with Dr. Morgan is intense, there are also opportunities for further advancement and intellectual growth through a mandatory project.  These projects represent work that is above and beyond what an intern's peers will be performing.  At a time when a student is performing clinical rotations, seeing lots of patients, preparing for national boards and perhaps completing college classes, the addition of a capstone project may seem overwhelming.

The projects are intended to be outward focused and beneficial to others.  These projects have included movies, books, poster presentations and competitions, and articles.

Walter Reed Gait Lab Walter Reed Gait Lab


Samples of Projects